Facial Treatments

Express Facial 30 mins £22

Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage and a mask.

Deep Cleansing Facial 45 mins £32
Relaxing & De-Stressing 1 hour £45

A relaxing facial to help de-stress using pressure points which will ease tension and migraines. Includes 30 minute relaxing back and head massage.

Coming soon... Steam Facials
Beauty treatments in Luton and Dunstable: Relaxing  &  De-Stressing

Gerard’s Facials


1 hour £40

These facials will be tailored to your specific Skin Type.

  • Purifies acne skin
  • Balances oily/combination skin
  • Hydrates dry/normal skin
  • Calms a sensitive skin
  • Firms a mature skin

Includes a 20 mins facial massage plus massage to hands/arms and scalp. The facial incorporates a variety of vegetable extracts and essential oils which are very beneficial to the skin.

Beauty treatments in Luton and Dunstable: Relaxing  &  De-Stressing

Chocolate Facial Nourishing

1 hour £36

Cocoa butter will soften and protect tired skin. It is suitable for all skin types, containing anti-oxidants and natural ingredients. The cocoa butter will soften and nourish plus moisturise and protect stressed and tired skins. It also has an anti-ageing action. It will re-mineralise the skin due to the calcium, potassium and magnesium within the cocoa. The massage together with the chocolate makes this treatment a sensory experience lifting the mood and giving a feeling of well-being.

Beauty treatments in Luton and Dunstable: Chocolate Facial

Luminous Lift Facial

1 hour £40

Medically inspired cosmetic facial which results in a lifting effect and luminosity of the skin. It simulates micro-dermal-abrasion, but without causing allergic reactions and discomfort. Gives a lifting, firming 3D effect. Skin is regenerated, smoother and age spots and imperfections are visibly reduced. Minimises acne scarring and open pores.

(test patch required 24 hours prior to treatment)

Beauty treatments in Luton and Dunstable: Vitamanic Facial Mask